Contraceptive injections and pyometra

Pyometra (infected uterus) and why the sterilisation injection is BAD. Pyometra is an infection of the uterus or womb, commonly caused by bacteria such as e.coli entering the vaginal canal and filling the uterus with puss. Pyometra’s are life threatening as the infected uterus grows in size and can burst inside the dog. Symptoms include […]

The Story of Sai-Fah

Look, we know what you were all thinking… you’re bored of seeing puppies right? Chubby, fluffy, little babies with tiny little pawsies? OVERRATED. ‘Where is the character? The backstory?!’ we hear you cry, ‘yes Bear just scared himself by sneezing and Teddy just smelt a flower, but where is THE GRIT?’ Well, let us tell […]

Teddy & Bear

One of the things we’ve always loved about the sanctuary is the serenity. We meet in the mornings for a coffee and a team talk, and look out over the grassy garden and heart shaped tree. There’s a little bird building a nest in there and his melodic songs are the only noise throughout the […]

Dr Juan Returns

It’s often said that the most special thing about this community is the family that Denise has created. So many of us keep in touch, countless volunteers have returned countless times, and the memories made truly are priceless. Denise’s passion comes to life in her story-telling and the funny times, the sad times, and the […]

USA imposes 1 year ban on dogs from high-risk rabies countries

From 14th July 2021 the USA has imposed a temporary, 1-year ban on importing dogs from over 113 countries deemed as high-risk countries for rabies. The CDC has explained the ban being due to a high number of puppies carrying fraudulent paperwork representing their age and vaccine status. In puppies under 4 months, the rabies […]

Outstanding Outreach

After waving goodbye to Vet Peach we were flying high and fully motivated. Kim extended her stay and we made exciting plans for community service work that we have been largely unable to do since Covid.  Educational sessions were hosted in the afternoon to make sure our team knew the ins and outs of vaccines […]

Vet Success

In June we were lucky enough to host the first vet to visit Sangkhlaburi since Covid began in March 2020. Dr Peach and vet nurse kim arrived and stayed for two weeks. What they acheived was above and beyond so here is a little breakdown of some of their highlights!

Numero Uno

Numero Uno Uno was the first new rescue of the sanctuary: he stole our hearts from the beginning, and a little more each day after. Uno was so sick when we saved him; infested with skin disease, too weak to run from danger or find food, and weighed down by two huge cysts on his […]