Meet Ophelia

Photographer & long term volunteer Ophelia Ophelia joined us when her friend Kim came as a vet nurse and called her to join. We had no idea Ophelia would stay as many months as she has, but after seeing her first rounds of spectacular photos, we have never forgotten how lucky we are to have […]

Meet Fluke

Deckhand Fluke Fluke is a local lad that started helping Denise and the team with small tasks like carrying dog food inside, soon joined us for dog walks, and eventually became a full team member. Fluke is neurodiverse and has missed a lot of opportunities becasue of this, despite being friendly, energetic, and always eager to […]

Meet Sai-fah

Permanant Resident / Concierge Sai-fah Sai-fah, whose name translates to Thunder, is an old man who has moved in to retire comfortably. Sai-Fah lived in a pen for a while but was happier and more relaxed when allowed out. He was such a good boy he’s now been promoted to concierge and is free to […]

Meet Urs

Project Manager Urs Urs has been a close friend and supporter of many years. Recently he stepped up to a mammoth task and became our project manager for the new build. Urs designed almost every aspect of the sanctuary including the custom fences with movable panels to adjust pens, the concrete boundaries  with drainage fit […]

Meet Denise

Founder Denise Denise has always been an animal lover but truly turned her passion into action when she moved to Thailand. Denise has around 15 years experience helping street dogs and other animals, and has managed a clinic and facilitated vets and volunteers for 7 years. Denise runs a tight ship working around the clock […]

Meet Vicky

Commuincations manager Vicky Vicky came to volunteer with Denise for one week and two years later is still here! Vicky helps with the daily running of the sanctuary with walking, feeding, and cleaning, and also runs most of the social media. Vicky takes care of Nipper, Mack, Sweetie, and Sangkhla at the volunteer house and, […]

Meet Kate

Manager Kate Many of you will know Kate as she came into our lives as the owner of the local bar where she made sure volunteers were fed and watered (okay, beer-ed!), and also raised money to support the sanctuary. Kate joined us officially last year by volunteering when the bar was closed due to […]

Meet Bird

Assistant Manager Bird Bird joined as a volunteer, giving up his free time to help us walk and feed the dogs for many months last year. He did a great job and the dogs loved him, so it was only natural we would hire him as a full time team member. Bird is learning alongside […]