Meet Sai-Fah

Permanant Resident / Concierge Sai-fah Sai-fah, whose name translates to Thunder, is an old man who has moved in to retire comfortably. Sai-Fah lived in a pen for a while but was happier and more relaxed when allowed out. He was such a good boy he’s now been promoted to concierge and is free to […]

Meet Sandy

Come and Meet…. Sandy Sandy is a sweet boy who was dumped outside our clinic, sick and starving. It’s clear that Sandy had a family as he seeks affection and immediately trusted our staff. Denise arrived to work one morning and saw Sandy laying on the road outside. Just as her car pulled up a […]

Meet Buddy

Come and Meet…. Buddy Buddy has already been adopted and is here for a short vacation while we get him ready to fly! Buddy is a lovely boy, quick to recover from his long journey here and give cuddles to the staff members that came to greet him. Buddy has one eye and this winking […]

Meet Sweetie

Come and Meet…. Sweetie Little Sweetie was left abandoned, tied to a tree in the middle of the night after being hit by a car or motorbike. Sweetie had no use of her back legs when she came under Denise’s care. After weeks and weeks of daily physiothertapy sessions, she began to show use of […]

Meet Mack

Come and Meet…. Mack Good ol’ Mack. Mack’s mother, Maggie, was dumped while pregnant and Mack was the only pup to survive. Mack has always lived as a free dog at the volunteer house and would follow the volunteers to work every morning, and trot alongside the pack on the daily walks. Mack has always […]

Meet Nipper

Come and Meet…. Nipper Nipper is our veteran, and has been around longer than most of the team put together! Nipper has always stayed with the volunteers, and at the old location would follow volunteers to work every morning. During the walks he would protect everyone from street dogs and his blood-curdling growl (or gargle?!) […]