Pyometra (infected uterus) and why the sterilisation injection is BAD.

Pyometra is an infection of the uterus or womb, commonly caused by bacteria such as e.coli entering the vaginal canal and filling the uterus with puss. Pyometra’s are life threatening as the infected uterus grows in size and can burst inside the dog.

Symptoms include not eating or not behaving normally, excessive licking of their back ends, and sometimes vomitting. Later, the abdomen will swell so the dog appears bloated or pregnant, and puss can seep from the vulva.

In this case, Dr Juan saw a dog who appeared to be pregnant, but an ultrasound revealed a huge pyometra. The Pyometra removed by Dr Juan during his stay in September weighed 1.7kg. The only way to prevent a pyometra is by spaying.

Spaying your dog early on can prevent them from suffering this painful infection and could save their life.

Whilst pyometras can occur naturally, we see so many cases that have been caused by hormonal injections. These sterilisation injections have been banned in most countries but unfortunately are still common practice near the Myanmar border.

This sterilisation injection is DANGEROUS to your dog and we urge you to get your dog surgically spayed with a qualified vet. Spaying protects your dog from many diseases and unwanted puppies.

If you have any questions about the injection or surgical sterilisation please write to us – we are happy to help!

Please protect female dogs: say NO to the sterilisation injection, and say YES to spays.

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