It’s often said that the most special thing about this community is the family that Denise has created. So many of us keep in touch, countless volunteers have returned countless times, and the memories made truly are priceless. Denise’s passion comes to life in her story-telling and the funny times, the sad times, and the incredible past-action of the clinic are shared with volunteers as they come and go. I’ve been lucky enough to have been here for over two years now and one of my favourite things is getting to meet the heroes from Denise’s stories.

Juan first came to work with Denise 3 years ago and has always stayed in touch, promising to make it back to us eventually. We were ecstatic to announce the news of his return. So many of our closest supporters have had the pleasure of working with Juan before during his 6 month stay and everyone shared our elation. Plus, after a year and a half of almost no new faces this arrival was very highly anticipated! 11 years qualified and having worked in a handful of countries, Juan is a blessing for our clinic and fairly green team.

Amon and Bird have stepped into their vet nurse roles and have made incredible progress with their learning. So far Juan has completed over 20 spay/neuters – including our little Uno! – and coached the boys through a variety of complex cases. In under two weeks we’ve seen examples of the common diseases that make working in countries like Thailand so challenging; infections from parasites like ticks, open wounds from the bites of other street dogs, and feline parvovirus, a highly contagious and high-mortality sickness. The clinic has been alive with activity. The menagerie of patients, pre and post spay; the frenzy of emergency cases through the door; and the daily duel of Diarrhea vs Dettol. Still, all the chaos is offset by Dr Juan’s calm instructions, knowledgeable explanations, and chilled-out playlist of the day.

It’s fantastic to see so many animals and people helped, and for our team to be flourishing students, but of course there’s always a price to be paid, quite literally. Whilst some of our clients have given what they can in thanks, the donations rarely cover the cost of treatment. We are once again asking for your support to keep our clinic open and running, and to help provide Juan with everything he needs to do his amazing work.

If you are able to, please donate today

We have also updated our Patreon so as well as sponsoring a particular dog, you can become a Friend, Benefactor, or even Hero of the sanctuary. We need these funds to go towards construction and maintenance, administration costs, and most importantly, the running of our clinic. The donations we have coming in currently fall very short of covering our basic running costs. Alternatively, you can donate an item directly to us by shopping on our website and buying us the things we need most.

If you have any fundraising ideas or would like to organise your own event such as a sponsored walk, a bake sale, or a zany challenge to be completed, we would love your help, and if you have any questions about how you can help please get in touch!

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