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Blatu joined us in September 2022 and is unique not only for her beautiful hair, but also in her story before joining our sanctuary. Whilst many of our rescues came from the streets, Blatu actually had a family and enjoyed a good life with a husband and wife around 45 minutes on the outskirts Sangkhlaburi. 

We knew Blatu’s owner before we knew about her as the family donated to our fundraisers and supporter of over social media. Sadly, Blatu’s owner was getting older and had health concerns that left them no choice but to move closer to Bangkok to be near hospitals and other vital resources. Facing a very painful decision, the couple reached out to us and it was agreed that Blatu living with us was in her best interest.

Blatu is a happy dog and was obviously very well taken care of. She is friendly and calm and gets on with a few of our other resident dogs, meaning she no longer lives alone! We hope we can find this beautiful girl another loving home so she can enjoy family life once more!


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