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Neff & Tangy

Neff and Tangy came to us from another sanctuary in Kon Khaen and we are fostering them until we can find their furever homes.

Neff and Tangy are both lovely, sweet boys who are just as interested in the world around them as they are in receiving hugs and loves from people. These two brothers are bonded and should be adopted as a pair. They have lived together all their lives, and now also live with Hamilton, a third male, very peacefully as they are so good-natured. Neff and Tangy have expressive eyes and have a real Disney look to them – especially when they want a treat! – and both share the same beautiful auburn coat which requires just a little bit of brushing on the tail and bum area.

Neither of the brothers fight over blankets, toys, food, or attention, but they will take turns in jumping up at you, desperate to get some cuddles, and they have both met and played with lots of other dogs including girls and puppies with no problems at all.
Both boys are active, love our morning walks, and will dip their paws into the lake to cool off. We can see Neff and Tangy being happiest in a reasonably active family, but they are also content and settled spending the rest of the day in their pen.

We are working with Friends of Rescue Thailand to find these boys a loving home and if you think you could give them the life they truly deserve please send us a message today!

If, like many of our volunteers you fall in love with an animal that you would love to take home, or, maybe you are a kind soul looking across the seas to adopt a new best friend, get in touch today to start the process. 

We will make it as easy as possible for you, looking after all the logistics, making sure your new bestie will pass their medical tests, and even find a flight volunteer for you to keep them safe on their way to their forever home.

To being the process or simply enquire, feel free to fill out the form / email us and tell us which animal has stolen your heart.  

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