Don’t worry, we won’t eat all the snacks!

In the past, we’ve had some friends choose to involve us in their special days and the word of mouth has led to new support. Any kind of fundraiser, big or small, really makes a difference to us here in Thailand, and we love to see our friends remembering us. There are many different ways you can include us in your events, and we promise we’ll be on our best behaviour! Here are some common ideas that have worked in the past, but we love to hear new ideas from you too!

If your birthday is coming up, please consider asking people to make a donation to us in leiu of a gift, or use Facebook’s fundraiser feature for a quick and casual way to show us off to people. Be sure to tell people why you love us so they understand why you want to help.

If you are looking for a unique wedding favour idea, or conscious of environmental waste, why not talk with your partner about making a donation on behalf of each guest? Give the gift of compassion and kindness as you embark on your biggest adventure.

Do you have a corporate event coming up? Simply having a bit of info about us and a small donation box could inspire your colleagues and guests to give. We also love to hear stories of raffles, bake sales, and sports days done to raise money and awareness for us.

And for those of you that are athletic or love a challenge, consider asking people to sponsor you for your next great feat. Running, cycling, organised sports matches, or any sort of competition is a perfect time to ask people to support you, supporting us.

Really, we just love for you to talk about us!

If you would like to help us fundraise please get in touch today. We need as much help as we can get as we are such a small team and our monthly donations do not yet cover our running costs.