Come and meet...


Billiam (that’s right, Billiam) arrived to us with his best buddy Jenny. 

Billiam and Jenny lived in a local temple. We’re not sure what their life was like before we found them as until now they had no one missing them or even keeping track of how or when they came to live in the temple. We found them during one of our local outreach missions and caught them for spaying/neutering.

Billiam and Jenny were such happy little bugs; they sat quietly in their cage without a single complaint and their tails thumped every time someone looked in their direction. The whole team fell in love with these two and once Denise heard how the two were being bullied by the other temple dogs we all started to dream of rescuing these two. Denise was also told the woeful tale of how Billiam and Jenny had only a single plastic chair to shelter them from the storms of rainy season and the decision was made to save this lovely pair!

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