Meet Nipper

Come and Meet....


Nipper is our veteran, and has been around longer than most of the team put together!

Nipper has always stayed with the volunteers, and at the old location would follow volunteers to work every morning. During the walks he would protect everyone from street dogs and his blood-curdling growl (or gargle?!) worked every time.

Nipper is getting old now and has recently reitred.  Nipper now spends his days chilling at the house, moving between a dozen different napping spots, and waiting for his next meal to be served. He lives peacefully with Mack and Sweetie, and really just tries to pretend Sangkhla isn’t there!

Nipper has lived a happy, free life; always able to walk and wander, but also having a good home, and an ever-growing number of people who love him. Nipper clearly loves his life and that’s why he’ll stay where he is.

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