‘The biggest woofer’
weightloss challenge!

These 3 weighty woofs are going on a 6-week diet and exercise program to help their health.

We’re asking you to show your support by sponsoring our pudgy pups per half kilo they lose and the results will speak for themselves in 6 weeks time! We’re working under vet guidance to give our heavy hounds custom-made meals, and our team will be enjoying some extra exercise to ensure a steady, and safe weightloss during the challenge and beyond.

Check our social media (links below!) for weekly weigh-ins, diet and exercise tips for your dogs, and interactive polls where YOU can decide on some extra fun, special activities for them to aid their weight loss.


Current weight: 16.6kg

Expected weight loss: 4kg


Current weight: 24.2kg

Expected weight loss: 3kg


Current weight: 29.9kg

Expected weight loss: 6kg

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