Come and meet...


Bambie, who’s formal name is Bamboo, was found by some of our long term friends as they visited Sangkhlaburi before. Out on a drive with no clear destination, our friends saw poor little Bambie out in the jungle, all alone. Our friends talked to the closest neighbours who said she was dumped there, alone, a few days before. 

Bambie is happily living with us now and after a bath, deworming, and vaccinations, she’s safe and healthy.

Sor far Bambie seems curious and trusting, and despite the chaos of a rescue and a bath, seemed keen to play with newly gifted toys. We can’t wait to discover more of Bambie’s personality, but like all of our beloved dogs, we would much prefer to see them finding their forever home. Bambie is around 2 months old as of October 2023 so is a wonderful age to adopt! 

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