Volunteer Disclaimer

I agree to the following conditions while volunteering with Sangkhlaburi Animal Sanctuary (from now on referred to as SAS);

  1. Getting appropriate vaccinations and medical insurance (as recommended by SAS) before arriving at the sanctuary is the volunteers’ responsibility.
  2. SAS is NOT responsible for any injuries or illness that may be sustained while volunteering with SAS.
  3. SAS reserves the right to ask volunteers to leave at any point if SAS feels they are acting in a way that is inappropriate or detrimental to the project.
  4. Volunteers will not mistreat or deliberately harm any animals.
  5. Volunteers will treat all property in the sanctuary with care and use the minimum resources necessary to complete a job.
  6. Volunteers will NOT come into the sanctuary under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  7. Volunteers will dress in a respectful and conservative manner, in accordance with local culture.
  8. Volunteers will only be permitted to drive the motor scooter if they have an international driving license and appropriate insurance, and will be held responsible for any damages they cause to the vehicle or any third parties.
  9. Volunteers will give reasonable advance notice of any time off needed (at least 1 day before), then to be agreed with the sanctuary manager.
  10. Volunteers will NOT release any information about SAS, other volunteers or the animals under SAS’ care without first discussing this with SAS and obtaining explicit written consent.
  11. Volunteers will not use SAS’s name for any purpose without first discussing with SAS and obtaining explicit written consent.
  12. Volunteers will not release any material likely to bring SAS into disrepute.
  13. Copyright – Volunteers must gain consent from all subjects and property where deemed necessary for the production of any published media.
  14. Volunteers will observe the customs and practices of SAS at all times while volunteering at SAS.