Assistant Manager


Bird joined as a volunteer, giving up his free time to help us walk and feed the dogs for many months last year. He did a great job and the dogs loved him, so it was only natural we would hire him as a full time team member. Bird is learning alongside Amon in the clinic, and the rest of his time is spent on constructions jobs as well walking, cleaning, and feeding our woofs. When Bird met us he spoke only a few words of English but he’s learning more each today!

How did you feel about dogs before working here? How do you feel now?
Before I worked here I never cared for dogs. I didn’t hate them, but I never loved them. When I was younger I was bitten by a street dog so I was nervous at first, but now I understand they have different personalities, and I love to play with them all.

Who is your favourite dog and why?
Daisy. Daisy is never naughty for me, and when I call her she will come straight to me and roll over. I can play with her as well, and I know she loves me too.

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