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Daisy is beam of sunshine. Daisy arrived from another sanctuary in Kon Khaen after we agreed to take in 5 dogs as foster dogs until their adoptions were finalised.

Daisy is a really relaxed girl; she’s happy-go-lucky and is content to lay on the grass and watch the world (of the sanctuary!) go by, but will waddle over to give a little love when anyone enters her pen. She might look like a high-maintenance kind of girl, but she isn’t pushy, or bossy at all, and shares toys, attention, and even food with other dogs. Daisy loves our morning hikes, her little legs keeping up with the big boys with ease… or perhaps she’s just super motivated knowing she can enjoy her new-found favourite hobby of swimming in the lake.

Daisy the lady might be bite-sized but her personailty glows and she would be an ideal best friend for every type of family. Since arriving, Daisy and her pal Missy have met, played with, and now moved in with resident naughty boy Cassius, and they often host Lottie and Uno as guests as well. Daisy is sociable, forgiving, and sometimes quite playful so we have no doubt she’d be fine to live with other dogs. However, she is reactive to cats, and we do catch her eyeing up local chickens and licking her lips! When Daisy first arrived we had a little spa session with her that included nail trimming, hair brushing, and some hair cutting too, and our girl just laid back and enjoyed the pampering. Daisy is also content at feeding times; neither overly excited nor agressive at all and is just an all round delight!
We are working with Friends of Rescue Thailand to find Daisy a furever home and if you can picture this heartwarming honey in your home, please get in touch today!

If, like many of our volunteers you fall in love with an animal that you would love to take home, or, maybe you are a kind soul looking across the seas to adopt a new best friend, get in touch today to start the process. 

We will make it as easy as possible for you, looking after all the logistics, making sure your new bestie will pass their medical tests, and even find a flight volunteer for you to keep them safe on their way to their forever home.

To being the process or simply enquire, feel free to fill out the form / email us and tell us which animal has stolen your heart.  

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