Denise has always been an animal lover but truly turned her passion into action when she moved to Thailand. Denise has around 15 years experience helping street dogs and other animals, and has managed a clinic and facilitated vets and volunteers for 7 years.

Denise runs a tight ship working around the clock most days to juggle the daily running of the sanctuary, fundraising, accounts and paperwork, international adoptions, and of course, talking to all our vets, volunteers, and doners. PHEW!

Denise truly is the glue that holds this project together and its her straight talking, yet incredibly caring nature that sees so many volunteers extend their visit, or come back over and over again. Denise has acheived a wealth of success during her work in Thailand including over 60 adoptions in 6 years, hundreds of spay/nueters, and a truly uncountable number of lives saved… and she’s just getting started!

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