Come and Meet....


Greta is a gorgeous girl that’s come to stay temporarily. We agreed to take Greta as part of our partnership with Friends of Rescue Thailand. Greta needs lots of love and rehabilitation to give her a real chance at a better life, and that’s where we come in! 

Greta is currently battling depression, and is a very scared dog. We are proud to offer the space, structure, and care that Greta needs, for as long as she may need it. Greta now has a pen of her own while she settles in, and can enjoy both a private indoor and grassy, shaded outdoor section. 

Greta was petrified when she arrived to us, but lots of patience and love (ok, treats!) from the staff meant she soon came over for pets and enjoyed sniffing around her new home. We are hoping Greta will relax into a spacious pen, good food, and plenty of socialisation, and that her behavioral issues will never prevent her from finding her forever home. We have a lot of work to do with Greta but we will strive to make sure she will be ready for adoption when her dream family find her.

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