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Hamilton is our resident father figure. He’s a mature mutt that’s strong but gentle. A big boy with a great personality, Hamilton is well respected by our other residents and gets on well with all people too.

Hamilton, nicknamed Hammy, enjoys his morning walk but is famously lazy every other hour of the day. Hamilton lives with Greta and his calm demeanour has helped her overcome the crippling anxiety she arrived with. The chunky pups are adorable together. Hamilton plays nicely with other dogs; he can walk with any resident, play with boys, girls, and puppies, and he’s even unbothered by the street dogs. Hamilton adores going for a swim in the lake.

Hammy is getting older now, we guess his birthday to be around 2015, and we would love to see him find a true home of his own for his remaining years. Do you want a docile and loyal friend?

If, like many of our volunteers you fall in love with an animal that you would love to take home, or, maybe you are a kind soul looking across the seas to adopt a new best friend, get in touch today to start the process. 

We will make it as easy as possible for you, looking after all the logistics, making sure your new bestie will pass their medical tests, and even find a flight volunteer for you to keep them safe on their way to their forever home.

To being the process or simply enquire, feel free to fill out the form / email us and tell us which animal has stolen your heart.  

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