Come and meet...


Ivy came to us with her sister Holly. These two pups were first spotted by Kate as they lived in some jungle behind her house. We started to keep watch on the pups and quickly realiseed their mum was gone. After this, Kate began feeding them everday as part of our outreach program, and her children would play with them.

We brought them in for vaccination to protect them from common diseases and…you guessed it… we just couldn’t put the tiny babes back on the street while we had space here!

Ivy is much more cautious around people and sudden movements than her sister Holly. However, both sisters have now met our other resident pups Joe, Noelle, and Peanut, and have instantly bonded!

Ivy like to explore the pen and the long grass, and is quick to nab any toys she finds. Ivy isn’t the type to run towards our staff members for cuddles yet, but if you’re relaxing i nthe pen she’ll come and say hello for some pets at her own pace. Their personalities are still developing but Ivy is coming out her shell more and more each day and we’re confident she’ll grow into a loving, social wuff.

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