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Ivy was first spotted by Kate as she lived in some jungle behind Kate’s house. Kate began feeding them everyday as part of our outreach program, and her children would play with them but as we watched her, we quickly realised her mum was gone. Ivy moved in with us and got vaccinated and de-wormed and has been living happily with us ever since.

Ivy was a cautious and worried puppy, but she has grown into a confident young dog. Her personality blossomed with the sanctuary safety and routine, and of course when she met our other resident pups Joe, Noelle, and Peanut, and instantly bonded!

Ivy lives to play with her penmates and gets on with all the other resident dogs. Ivy is active and social, loves her toys, and is always up for a cuddle with our team. Ivy is spayed, fully vaccinated, and ready to find her furever family. Ivy is also still looking for a sponsor; support Ivy by clicking the link below.

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