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Joe came to us along with his sisters Peanut, and Noelle. They were born to a street dog near a local children’s home and after their mum abandoned them and two of their siblings died a manager of the foundation contacted us for help.

Joe and his sister Noelle are both disabled, but Joe’s case is the most severe. Currently, Joe drags his back legs along behind him, moving using only his arms.

We took Joe and Noelle to the nearest vets for bloodtests and an x-ray, and the results all came back looking healthy. The vets diagnosed Joe and Noelle with a rare condition called Botulism that came from eating contaminated meat or poison but have prescribed medicine and are hopeful that, with our help, Joe may learn to walk one day.

Our international vets team have recommended some physiotherapy exercises that might be able to help Joe strengthen his wasted muscles, and every day we are watching for small signs of recovery. We have bought Joe a wheelchair to use for short periods of play time each day to encrouage correct posture and motivation for him to learn to walk properly. If Joe doesn’t succeed he will need several wheelchairs as he grows up, but watch this space because we’re very hopeful that Joe will one day overcome this sad affliction!

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