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Joe came to us along with his sisters Peanut, and Noelle. They were born to a street dog near a local children’s home and after their mum abandoned them and two of their siblings died a manager of the foundation contacted us for help.

Joe and his sister Noelle are both disabled, but Joe’s case is the most severe. Currently, Joe drags his back legs along behind him, moving using only his arms, and he uses a wheelchair for short periods throughout the day. Thanks to the tireless work of our team and volunteers, we have seen some improvements in Joe’s muscles and he continues to have physiotherapy multiple times a day to give him the best chance of walking normally one day!

Joe is playful and social, and he has a wonderful spirit. Joe is great with other dogs, children, and every volunteer he’s met becomes his friend instantly. Because of his condition, Joe needs extra support and we rely on Patrons to help fund medication and bandages for his often-injured feet, plus as he grows he will need wheelchairs of different sizes so he can maintain a happy, high-quality life. 

Joe has now been adopted and lives with Ophelia, who was volunteering when Joe arrived and has cared for him throughout his life! 

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