Sangkhlaburi Animal Sanctuary

Sangkhlaburi Animal Sanctuary

Meet Kate


Many of you will know Kate as she came into our lives as the owner of the local bar where she made sure volunteers were fed and watered (okay, beer-ed!), and also raised money to support the sanctuary. Kate joined us officially last year by volunteering when the bar was closed due to covid. Kate walks, feeds, and cleans the dogs every morning; is queen of housekeeping; and will run just about any errand with a smile. When Kate first started she was nervous of bigger dogs, but now can be seen playing with any pup and walking two or three at a time! Kate often cooks for the team at lunchtime, and our volunteer area has been dubbed ‘Kate’s Kitchen’.

What is your favourite part of the job?
Cooking rice and making food for the dogs! Seeing the dogs play, and how they enjoy their lives is very lovely, but my favourite part is making them special and delicious meals each day, and knowing I give them full tummies every night.

Who is your favourite dog and why?
Lottie. Even though she only has 3 legs, she never stops. She is not the same like humans, where if they lose a hand or a leg they will feel pity for themselves. Lottie runs and swims and plays all day. I love to play with her, and my kids do too.

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Sangkhlaburi Animal Sanctuary