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Lottie’s inspiring story speaks volumes for her character. Brought to Denise by two monks who saw her struggling to survive after being slashed by a heartless human wielding a machete, when we met Lottie she was fighting for her leg and her life… and she only lost one of those!

Since her traumatising attack at barely two weeks old Lottie has only ever shown love. Our three-legged warrior lives life in the fast lane and can often be (just about) seen dashing around the sanctuary grounds, usually with puppy best-friend Uno close behind. Lottie loves to swim and will hop on over to rivers, lakes, and puddles alike and despite loving her freedom, Lottie’s loyalty glows as she re-calls to just about anyone that should be nice enough to call her name. Lottie is a beautiful soul with the brightest, most expressive eyes, and the longest, pinkest tongue. She is gracious with other dogs and is pretty submissive, as well as gentle and kind to puppies and older dogs. Morning zoomies and afternoon cuddles are part & parcel of life with Lottie, and she steals hearts like she steals Denise’s handbag (often!).

Lottie has been well socialised with dogs, people, and children and we can’t say one bad word about her personality. She really is a lovely dog with a pure heart and an unwavering trust in humans. We always said the only negative about lovely Lottie is knowing without a doubt that one day she will be lighting up someone else’s home instead of the sanctuary.

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