Come and meet...


Milka was dumped outside a local guesthouse. We don’t know why her family chose to throw her away but we saw her shaking with fear, clearly lost and watching every car for a familiar face, and barely hiding from the rain under a stone ledge. Milka was primed to live at this guesthouse but her curiosity meant she often ended up in the road or getting lost.

To save Milka being the victim of a tragic accident, we stepped in and agreed to take on this sweet girl and keep her safe and healthy. 

We guess Milka was born around the middle of 2022, but she’s already done growing taller and remains a small but fluffy pooch! Millie is just so much fun, squeezing into tiny water buckets and jumping on P”Pee’s back like a circus star! She plays nicely with her penmates and is easy to walk, feed, and cuddle up to! We so hope Milka can find a family while she’s still young and vibrant. 

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