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Noelle came to us along with her sister Peanut, and brother Joe. They were born to a street dog near a local children’s home and after their mum abandoned them and two of their siblings died a manager of the foundation contacted us for help.

Noelle and her brother Joe are both disabled, but Noelle’s case is the much less severe. Noelle has little control over the back legs but is able to walk on all fours and run and play. Noelle wobbles a lot, shakes her bum up and down, and looks a little dizzy as she moves around, but she’s happy go lucky and hasn’t let this stop her!

We took Noelle and Joe to the nearest vets for bloodtests and an x-ray, and the results all came back looking healthy. The vets diagnosed Noelle and Joe with a rare condition called Botulism that likely came from eating contaminated meat or poison but have prescribed medicine. The vets are hopeful that, with our help, Noelle may learn to walk normally one day.

Our international vets team have recommended some physiotherapy exercises that might be able to help Noelle strengthen her muscles and improve her motor skills, and every day we are watching for small signs of improvement.

Aside from her clumsy stumbling, Noelle is a curious and happy pup, and never seems to mind that her healthy sister Peanut can run circles around her!

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