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Peanut came to us along with her sister Noelle and brother Joe. They were born to a street dog near a local children’s home and after their mum abandoned them and two of their siblings died a manager of the foundation contacted us for help.

Joe and his sister Noelle are both disabled, but Joe’s case is the most severe. Peanut however, is a strong, healthy puppy who can walk perfectly. Vets think Joe and Noelle suffer from Botulism, a rare paralysis caused by eating contaminated meat, but Peanut is unaffected.

Peanut is the biggest of the 3 siblings, and certainly the bravest! She’s curious about her surroundings and loves to explore and run. Peanut has recently befriended our two newest pups, Holly and Ivy, and is extremely happy to have some playmates that can keep up with her.

Energetic Peanut is a loving and social dog, and can often be found chasing Kate’s son in laps around the big hall. Peanut is a ray of sunshine and a very happy girl!

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