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Ping Ping

Ping Ping is such a special example of why we do what we do. We found Ping Ping whilst on an outreach mission looking for another dog who was undergoing chemotherapy. What we saw shocked even our experienced vets. 

Ping Ping was suffering from a huge prolapse, the likes of which we’ve never seen before. As you can see from the blurred picture, half of poor Ping Ping’s insides were hanging out causing unimaginable pain. If we hadn’t have found Ping Ping and operated immediately she wouldn’t be here today.

Ping Ping has been nothing but sweet and loving since we rescued her. She’s a funny little soul who grabs a toy anytime someone walks by her pen, patiently waiting for playtime with her human friends! Ping Ping is a sweet and social girl who gets on with all of our staff, volunteers, and even strangers bringing their own pets to our clinic.

Ping Ping is now fully recovered, although we expect she may have bladder problems in the future. Weighing around 20kg of pure love, Ping Ping is fully vaccinated and would be ready to adopt, for the right family. If you can see Ping Ping joining your family please get in touch today for a detailed discussion.

To read Ping Ping’s story as covered by our partner Network For Animals, you can click here

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