Sangkhlaburi Animal Sanctuary

Sangkhlaburi Animal Sanctuary

Meet Sai-Fah

Sai-fah, whose name translates to Thunder, is an old man who has moved in to retire comfortably. Sai-Fah lived in a pen for a while but was happier and more relaxed when allowed out. He was such a good boy he’s now been promoted to concierge and is free to roam anywhere within the sanctuary instead of in a pen.

Sai-fah once had a family, but many years ago they moved house and left him behind, an all too common situation in Thailand. Sai-fah was left to fend for himself on the streets. He quickly adapted and learned to visit the night market for food. Thankfully he is a big dog and was strong in his youth, and became a street king in our small town.

Sadly now, his age is betraying him, his body is getting weaker, and his wandering to find food slowed down. Younger, stronger dogs made his life on the streets more and more difficult, stealing food and fighting him away from his old packs.

Luckily, our friend Fai has followed Sai-fah for many years, feeding him when he needed food, and taking him to be vacciated with her own dogs once a year. Fai asked us if we could help save Sai-fah from a miserable fate as an old, homeless soi dog and of course we said yes.

Sai-fah now lives with us and will remain a permanent resident to enjoy his last years of life in peace, comfort and love!

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Sangkhlaburi Animal Sanctuary