Come and Meet....


Sandy is a sweet and soft boy who was dumped outside our clinic, sick and starving. It’s clear that Sandy had a family at one point, but we can’t imagine what he went through before being abandoned.

Denise arrived to work one morning and saw Sandy being attacked by neighbouring dogs. Sandy didn’t have any strength to fight back, but just laid there enduring the attack with screams of pain. Luckily Denise was there and soon Sandy was scooped into Bird’s arms and away from danger and pain forever.

We estimate Sandy to be born around 2020. Sandy still suffers from anxiety but he is thriving with the routine and calmness of sanctuary life. We would love to see Sandy be adopted, but he needs an experienced owner. Sandy fell in love with a group of puppies we had, and his personality blossomed with his safe and wholesome new friends. He now lives with Mary and enjoys the puppyhood he never had before.

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