Come and Meet....


Sandy is a sweet boy who was dumped outside our clinic, sick and starving. It’s clear that Sandy had a family as he seeks affection and immediately trusted our staff.

Denise arrived to work one morning and saw Sandy laying on the road outside. Just as her car pulled up a pack of 3 local dogs came out of their home and noticed poor Sandy laying there. They ran over and began to attack him. Sandy didn’t have the strength to fight back, but just laid there enduring the bites and scratches. Luckily Denise was quick out of her car and ran to scare the aggressive dogs away and shout for help from Bird, who was inside the clinic.

Sandy was scooped up and brought to be cleaned and checked in the clinic immediately. With the help of our online vets team – one of whom gave Sandy his new name! – we treated Sandy as best we could. We were worried for Sandy’s life the first two nights as he had severe symptoms and was so weak. However, with fluids, antibiotics, and nourishing food, Sandy began to recover! He has a long way to go but he’s happy and safe now, and is responding well to all parts of sanctuary life.

We estimate Sandy to be just less than 2 years old and we are confident Sandy will be adoptable one day, but we are keeping him here until he is fit and strong. In the meantime, we would love for Sandy to find a sponsor. Follow the link below or get in touch with us if you could help take care of some of Sandy’s living costs with us.

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