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Sid was brought to us by local friends as he was dumped on their land, with a badly wounded foot, among other problems. The land is already overrun with bigger and stronger dogs and poor Sid didn’t stand a chance. 

We treated Sid’s foot with a toe amputation, and noticed his jaw chatters from shallow breathing. We also saw on an x-ray that Sid has a bullet healed inside him, but we’re happy to announce none of these issues affect his daily life or health! He’s one tough pup!

Sid is a wonderful boy with a lot of love to give. He is silly and playful, and can be seen chasing Peanut round their pen at all times of the day. He’s a quirky and observant pup, and has bonded well with all our staff, volunteers, and other dogs (except for Sai-Fah, but what can you do?!). Sid deserves a family, especially as he was only born around 2021/22. Could Sid be your dream companion?

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