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Little Sweetie was left abandoned, tied to a tree in the middle of the night after being hit by a car or motorbike. Sweetie had no use of her back legs when she came under Denise’s care.

After weeks and weeks of daily physiothertapy sessions, she began to show use of her legs, and could then stand for short periods of time. The kind folks at K9 Carts provided her with a wheelchair, which enabled her to heal even futher. We are now so pleased to say she can walk again, and loves to go on long hikes!

It is clear that Sweetie once had a family as she is tentative about going indoors, even when coaxed with treats and encouragement. Sadly, it’s common in Thailand for dogs like Sweetie to be abandoned when they become sick or disabled.

Sweetie now lives happily at our volunteer house, and is a brilliant playmate for Sangkhla. Sweetie is very happy with her current life so she will stay as a permanent family member!

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