Project Manager


Urs has been a close friend and supporter of many years. Recently he stepped up to a mammoth task and became our project manager for the new build.

Urs designed almost every aspect of the sanctuary including the custom fences with movable panels to adjust pens, the concrete boundaries  with drainage fit for our added grass, and the individual dog houses for the outer pens. Urs worked with many different people, construction teams, and companies to direct the building work and make sure we stayed on tack and acheived high quality work. Without Urs’ hard work of long mornings and even longer nights, we would not have the beautiful sanctuary we have today.

Before officially joining the team Urs supported Denise’s animal welfare work for many years, with financial donations, but also vital materials such as bulk buys of vaccines, fencing and building materials, and much more. Urs also has his own charity and supporters many other organisations in Sangkhlaburi, as well as local people and families. Click here to read more about Urs’ charity.

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