Come and meet...


Walter joined the family in April and we estimate he’s around 5 months old.

Walter was born on the streets but his mum and siblings died over the following months as they lived near a busy road. A government friend of the sanctuary’s took pity on Walter when he realised his mum was gone. He told us that a neighbour had been leaving food out for Walter, but after his mum died he wasn’t able to make it past bigger, tougher street dogs, and was often seen scrounging along the road. We suspect Walter has been hit by a car or bike as his walk is uncomfortable. 

Walter is a fierce boy and some members of the team still get a tiny rumble as he growls at their arrival. However, he’s already bonded with a few of the team and is seriously sweet to those he trusts.

Walter is now vaccinated and parasite-free, and will be castrated as soon as he’s old enough and healthy enough.


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