Sangkhlaburi Animal Sanctuary

Sangkhlaburi Animal Sanctuary

Numero Uno

Uno was the first new rescue of the sanctuary: he stole our hearts from the beginning, and a little more each day after. Uno was so sick when we saved him; infested with skin disease, too weak to run from danger or find food, and weighed down by two huge cysts on his body and neck. It took an emergency vets trip and a good few weeks of round-the-clock care from Denise before things finally looked hopeful for Uno.

Watching Uno grow up has been an absolute blast! We gave him his first bath on Songkran, the only water play we were allowed during this Thai new year, and took him for a walk using a cat leash with cheerful yellow wings on the harness… that so comically did not match his unamused expression.
It took a long time for Uno to love us, and its still a work in progress for some of the louder, rough-and-tumble team members that startle him every time. So many times Denise wondered aloud if he would ever stop hiding from her, and all of us, under her bed, only to feel a little nose nuzzle her leg more and more frequently as the day went by.

Eventually our timid, untrusting survivor began to soften, and he expressed his certain gratitude for having his life saved… by chewing everything. First went the tablecloth several times a day, taking everything atop along with it, next the cat leash destroyed in a satisfying vengeance, and soon Denise’s shoes fell victim one by one. Even the contract for the sanctuary ended up in Uno’s under-the-bed lair! And that was it. It was time for Uno to fly the nest.

Uno’s first day at school – er, the sanctuary – was a huge turning point for our half blind baby. Safe within the fences of a pen he did not yet realise he could easily escape from, Uno was free to frolic in the grass and survey his new kingdom with a panoramic view. He mostly hid under the beds though. Vicky was tasked with settling Uno in and after an hour of laying on the floor, contact was made! A perfect first date ensued; from butterflies in tummies and shy glances in each other’s directions, to bonding, trust, and laughter, with just a little bit of ear nibbling..

Uno has gone from strength to strength, not just physically through vaccines and healthy weight gain, but his spunky personality lights up the room (mainly Denise’s office). Uno has made a friend for life in Lottie and the two will run, tumble, covort, and chase like every day is the first time. Uno has also met all of the other residents and is right on track to be a social and friendly penmate… that is, as soon as he’s too big to escape and return himself triumphantly to Denise’s feet in the office!

If you’ve fallen in love with Uno just like we have, visit his personal page here!

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Sangkhlaburi Animal Sanctuary