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Help Animals, Explore Thailand &
Live The Good Life!

Come join us at our Sangkhlaburi home and meet all our wonderful pups and cats. Take the time to explore a untouched part of Thailand while giving back to the community and scratch your animal-lovin’ itch!

If you are a vet or a vet nurse (fully qualified or in training) why not use this opportunity to up-skill and gain some real and raw experience. 

Of maybe you are about to leave Thailand and would love to be a flight volunteer. We find homes for our fluffers all across the globe and you can help us get them to their new family!

The fact you are even on this page speaks wonders and for that, we thank you. Contact us for more information, and you can check out our Terms and Conditions here.

Volunteer as a Vet or Vet Nurse

Sangkhlaburi is a rural town and has no veterinary clinic of its own. The closest clinic is open for a few hours at a weekend, and the nearest full time clinic is a 4 hour drive away.

Qualified vets and vet nurses are in high demand; we need to make sure our clinic can stay open all year round to help the animals of Sangkhlaburi. We also accept vet students and can help you complete an internship, providing we have a qualified vet here for the duration of your stay.

If you are a vet or vet nurse, we really need you.

Chat to us to now for more information!

Come lend us a hand


We really do rely on volunteers, and you guys are what makes this place so special. We accept people aged 18+ from all walks of life and of any (or no!) skill level.

Daily duties include walking the dogs together, cleaning pens and poop scooping, and feeding the dogs. The afternoons are relaxed and can be anything from taking the dogs swimming, to playing football in the hall, to grooming and pampering the pooches.

We work from 8am – 12pm, have a two hour lunchbreak, and then work 2pm – 5pm. After that you’re free to relax, explore the town, and have a few beers!

Have a special skill?

There are a hundred ways to help small charities like us and we are always open to ideas!

As well as those with animal experience such as dog groomers, we constantly need electricians, plumbers, painters and decoraters, or anyone with construction experience.

However, we also love to host photographers, bloggers/writers, film makers (yes, even you, TikTokers!), social media marketers, and influencers of any sort really.

If you want to plan something beyond regular volunteering, chat with us now.

Be a flight volunteer

If you’re not able to come and stay with us you can still help dogs and cat reach their furever home!

We are often on the lookout for flight volunteers; people who are travelling out of Bangkok airport and don’t mind becoming a temporary chaperone for a four-legged friend.

All the paperwork is taken care of, and our partners at Relo4Paws will go to the aiport with you to check in the animal. Airport staff will board the animal, and all you have to do is pick them up as you check out and hand them over to their owner.

If you are planning to fly Bangkok to America/Canada/Europe any time in the future and would like to help get a rescue animal to their new family, please get in touch today.