Sangkhlaburi Animal Sanctuary

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Our mission is to improve the lives of animals in Sangkhlaburi and the surrounding communities. We are a sanctuary dedicated to helping not only our resident animals, but also the numerous street animals and family pets that need us. In this rural town the nearest vets is hours away and the local people often do not have the money or means to take their sick animals. We are here to help.

Our clinic is funded entirely by donations. Some local people are kind enough to offer small cash donations after the treatment of their animals, but many simply cannot afford to give anything. Furthermore, we treat many street dogs that have no family, but were brought to us purely out of pity. We alone incur the costs of these treatments everytime.

We also perform outreach work within the community. Going to temples, the markets, even the jungle to treat sick animals and offer food to those struggling to find their own. Part of our outreach work includes educating people, aiming to reduce fearfulness and aggression towards innocent animals. We offer relief to the people by reguarly vaccinating street animals for rabies and other prevalent diseases, and spaying as many animals as we can.

Your support is everything to us. If you can afford to donate, please help fund our work, and join us below on social media to keep up to date with eevrything we do!


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