One of the things we've always loved about the sanctuary is the serenity. We meet in the mornings for a coffee and a team talk, and look out over the grassy garden and heart shaped tree. There's a little bird building a nest in there and his melodic songs are the only noise throughout the grounds. It really is a lovely place to enjoy some quiet time.

But a life of peace doesn't make for a very interesting newsletter, so we went and rescued two puppies! Two puppies that shriek their breakfast orders from the minute we walk in the door until their bowls are placed in front of them. After breakfast it's time for their mid-morning shrieking. 'You missed a spot! You missed a spot!' they must be shouting as we sweep and mop their pen.

But of course there is so much more to Teddy and Bear and we fall more in love with them every day. We were asked to rescue the pups by a family who live just down the road from the sanctuary. There are many street dogs around their house already, and the family has little money to take care of any more. Teddy and Bear had more siblings, but they all have homes already, and just these two brothers remained.

Teddy and Bear have now been fully vaccinated and have even met some of our other residents! They're still too small to go into a pen (adorable, we know) but soon they will move in with Lottie and Uno: Puppy pandemonium!

You can keep up to date with Teddy on his website page, and the same with Bear. Alternatively, you can become a sponsor of Teddy or Bear (or both!) through Patreon. This monthly payment will ensure that Teddy and Bear have all the treats, toys, medication, and yummy food they will need as they grow up! We have a recommended amount on the Patreon page, but you can sponsor these pups for any amount you choose.

Teddy and Bear will both be ready for adoption in around 5-6 months after they are old enough for us to neuter them and we'd love to see them find good homes. Teddy is the more cautious of the two, the first one who learned to sit still and enjoy cuddles and love. Bear is more adventurous, he was the first to do almost everything else, from playing with squeaky toys to chasing Uno.

It will take some time for Teddy and Bear to develop their personalities so there's not much more we can tell you right now. However, a picture is worth a thousand words, and this amount of cuteness is worth a million shrieks. Enjoy!
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